Christian Louboutin Buckle Boots

But, the best is when the design highlights of a leather product get into the other leather products. Like for example, the buckle. The buckle is a must when it comes to leather belts of any other belt for that matter. But here, as we are talking about leather, we shall consider the leather belt. The same leather belt buckle could be used as a design for leather boots like in case of Christian Louboutin Buckled Brown Suede Ankle Boot Pump. Or the buttons of the leather jacket and the fringes could be carved as a beautiful footwear design.

This is such a wonderful idea. The essential of one leather product is used as an accessory in the other- making it really enchanted. People usually like unusually thing, may be that is the reason why such things are getting more and more popular. Another aspect is the functional facet of the design. The buckle on an ankle boot would not only give a look of a belt around the waist but, in some footwear the same is used as a real buckle which can be used before slipping into the boot or it could simply have a zipper below that needs to be unzipped to step into the boot. Both these designs are great, however, it would be better to go for the later one. Though, the buckle is looking good as an accessory but then it might not work that well and fail on the functionality aspect.

Another thing to note when one is going for leather footwear. There could be the shinny leather, which is a little stiff and would not be very soft to feel next to the skin. The matt finished leather would be less shinny and would be a little softer. This kind of leather would have a lot of variations and qualities available. Suede would be another one which would not only feel nice along the skin but its outer surface would be very soft and would give a delicate over all look. The kind of leather and the kind of accessories imitated from some other leather product should again have some kind of link or similarity. With a suede boot if one is picking patches of shinny leather, it wouldn't go that great unless there is a designer touch to the same. The best way to ensure that either one is purchasing designer stuff only or could be going for the Christian Louboutin replica range as they have an amazing collection. Buying such a design from a local market could be a complete fashion goof up. Stay away from these unless embarrassment is what one desires.

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