Do We Really Need a Mentor?

As we become busy in our personal and professional life, it has become crucial to get in touch with someone who can help and assist these two different lives. In case a mentor is around, we often feel like taking advice to meet the unruly and unthought-of situation. The growing competition has eaten most part of our valuable time. We concentrate more on proving ourselves in every possible aspect.

Why we need one?

It is, but, obvious to ask whether we need a mentor. He is not only a guide or motivator but works a provider of everything- small or big. He often shows the path which we really need to follow. He gives us importance when we desperately need it. His words act as a confidence booster as we stand to face the millions in a jam-packed hall. He is with us when we meet the dignitaries. He is also present in the room as we relax and have a cup of coffee after a hardcore session with the world. He is a guru who is always eager to help in odds of life.

A hard-core master!

Many are not born with golden spoon in hand. However, some achieve the best in life with hard work, perseverance and patience, especially, when the mentor is around to motivate in the adversities of life. He brings out the best in us by giving ample probabilities that are rocky and thorny in nature. He might see us falling several times. He is least bothered when we get hurt, bruised or lost in the mountains. However, his words are enough to pull through the worst in life.


Some people climb the stairs of destiny without a mentor. They have enough experience and expertise behind them as they move forward to grab the best chances in life. They are guided more out of their personal achievements inherited with time from forefathers. For them, the main role model is their father or grandfather who shares personal experiences during the period of growth and development. In many cases, they are ready to follow the same path, school, college or career which was actually followed by forefathers. They are least bothered when something goes wrong. They are more targeted towards achieving what was destined or achievable in any specific situation.

Women's part

Apart from the paternal lineage, the role of mentor has been fruitfully used by the ladies at home. The mother and the wife both have played a very crucial and optimistic role in enhancing the self-worth and self-confidence in life. Their role has, in fact, changed the destiny of many men and women. They have proved in bringing out the best in someone's life.

It is not necessary to have a mentor but keeping one helps in moving over the tides in a smooth and silky manner. The so-called guru brings out the hidden truth and secrets outside, giving full exposure to latent spirit and creativity. This someone happens to be the best and most desired role model who can give a Midas touch by turning a poor into rich.