No Turning Back

Weddings are always great to remember. It is the most gratifying event in a woman's life having the moment of walking down the aisle wearing the shinning and glamorous wedding dress one can ever dreamed of. To the man's perspective, no one can best describe the excitement of waiting and seeing his lovely queen on the walkway towards him and finally committing herself to be with her knight and shinning armor. But this intensifying ceremony of ones life would not be possible without the bond of the two loving couples to join the matrimonial world for all time.

Whenever a person comes into conclusion to settle down with the special someone in their life, decisions should be fixed and final in a sense that there would be no turning back. No one could ever take the chances of regretting the whole thing after saying I Do in front of everybody else in the church as well as God. It is really important to know what a person really wants for his life. Going into marriage is one of the greatest decisions of making the huge adjustment of ones existence. One has to know oneself first and settle things within a person's identity before trying to get to know another person. In this way, lots of mishaps that would eventually ruin a beautiful marriage life would be avoided. In one way or another, couples who are very sure of getting together in the eyes of the Lord will likely end up happy with their marriage life.

A lot of families nowadays turn out to be broken. Painful as it is, but this is really happening even during the present times. Misunderstandings, hatred and anger arise within the husband and wife then eventually jump into abrupt conclusions of separating and having a divorce or annulment. This would be the most crucial time of ones life especially a family has already been built up. The couple would not be the only ones affected by the whole getting apart, but the kids and other family members as well. Chaos and troubles eventually come and make everybody establish bitterness within them.

It is always better to live the single life first to the fullest before anybody will finally decide on having somebody live with them for life. In this way, one can enjoy building up ones career and may travel around the world with no hesitations and doubts, which might be a little too different whenever one has already a family. Much more, once a person commits oneself to somebody they love, there would be no looking back at the past anymore and saying what might could have been.