Oil Spill Cleanup Crews Out of Plastic Coats and Gloves - Good Thing CA Outlawed Plastic Bags!

Would you like to start a new business, why don't you start creating and manufacturing plastic coats and gloves? Why you ask? Well, did you know all the rubber jackets, gloves, boots, and environmental booms in the entire country, soon the entire world will be out of stock? That's how big this BP oil spill cleanup effort is. We are talking millions of plastic raincoats, environmental gear, rubber boots, and latex gloves. In fact they are making them as fast as they can and they can't get them to Louisiana, the coast of Alabama, or Pensacola Florida fast enough.

But did you know most of these are being made in China? That's right, remember in the United States we don't make all that much anymore, oh sure, we make hamburgers, but the factory floor is now in China, that's where everything is made. So even though there may be good news in this oil spill for manufacturers of environmental equipment, it's only good news for China. Worse, BP or British Petroleum was using Chinese steel pipe and fittings, when their oil pipe burst under 70,000 PSI, or pounds per square inch.

China is a big winner in all this, not the United States.

They will be making all the plastic gloves, coats, and boots. Perhaps, it's a good thing that California outlawed plastic bags at grocery stores, because now there will be more plastic polymeric chemicals to be used to make these coats and gloves, and they can send those polymeric chemicals to China for manufacturing.

When President Barack Obama promised that he would clean up the beaches, and the Gulf Coast, using hundreds and thousands of volunteers, maybe he didn't realize that the federal government is completely out of plastic environmental products and booms. Indeed, I'm not sure where he's going to get all of this environmental equipment, or how he proposes to make the beaches better than new, and better than they were before, but if he really believes that, I'd like to hear his plan.

Every time a politician tells us they have a plan, they never seem to reveal the plan, even though they claim or promise transparency. I think the reality is that they don't have a plan, and they are in crisis management right now trying to keep their approval ratings up while the media tells us what's really going on. Is this Barack Obama's Hurricane Katrina, I believe it just may be, they are out of environmental equipment, they are out of time, and the American people has run out of trust. Please consider all this.