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MBT shoes were functional shoes developed and marketed in 1996 by Swiss Masai Barefoot Technology. The shoe were made of soles similar to the arc of ship, making the person who wear full of a natural feeling of instability in the process of standing and walking, to stimulate the body's own balance adjustment mechanism to mobilize the muscles and bones to participate in balance adjustment, so as to achieve the role of exercise the body's muscles, spine, joints and so on. because the shape of MBT shoes are special, many people call them "shook shoes or swing shoes," or, worse, directly call MBT shoes "ugly shoes", in fact, more appropriate,MBT shoes should be called as fitness shoes or health shoes.

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MBT Outlet Store Customers Saying

  • Cheap MBT Mens Kabisa for sale
  • Cheap MBT Mens Kabisa for sale

    Description: Not as good as the old 608's. Wider in the toe box and not very much support....very disappointed with New Balance quality.
    Date Added:October 28, 2018
    By Matthew Chapman

  • Cheap MBT Mens Sini on sale
  • Cheap MBT Mens Sini on sale

    Description: These shoes are very comfortable and have a nice soft insole. I also like the look, with the dark shoelaces.
    Date Added:October 28, 2018
    By R Jarrell

  • Best MBT Womens M. Walk Outlet USA
  • Best MBT Womens M. Walk Outlet USA

    Description: For years I have worn Ryka sneakers which fit my narrow heel and on-the-narrow-side feet very well. I couldn't find them with the traction sole I need, so I tried these. They fit just as well. I usually wear a 7 but always get a 7.5 in hiking boots or sneakers. They have a comfortable amount of cushioning. There is a lot of support around the heel and the sole doesn't slip on sandy, rocky trails.
    Date Added:October 27, 2018
    By madbee